You either love it or you Fake it

Think about love, how instantly it develops and how it takes your whole body over and makes you feel. Romantic love is typically cultivated between two people, be them of the same or of different sexes, its a powerful and overwhelming feeling and often seen as ‘the point of it all’, ’42’ [for those of you who enjoy movie references.] But then think about how often you say you ‘love’ something, your pet, your bed, that ‘its finally the weekend feeling’ or even the warmth in your body after you take a bite into that hot doughnut you finally caved in and bought after walking past the doughnut van a million times thinking I. will. resist.

But I digress

We are capable of loving millions of different things in their own way, we still feel it just as instantly and strongly as romantic love, it may not actually be romantic, but it’s still love ; and that’s exactly the way you will feel after listening to Chet Faker for the first time.

The 26 year old Australian electronic musician has that ‘do I find him attractive’ bearded thing going on -kinda like Andrew Lincoln in the 4th series of the walking dead after he goes a bit psycho and lets his beard go full on lumberjack- but his voice is so smooth and soulful you may question whether its actually him singing. In April 2014 he released his debut album Built on Glass however, prior to this he released an extended play named Thinking In Textures which, along with his album, has received positive reviews. Alongside these has has also worked with fellow Australian musician, Flume to create a genius collaboration and a beautifully sculpted album. Chet’s music has featured in popular media, his cover of No Diggity featured on the Beck’s Sapphire Superbowl ad in 2012 and ‘Drop the Game’ a single from his album with Flume featured on the popular British TV show Made in Chelsea.

There are various remixes, podcasts and extended plays featuring his music, Faked Out for example; which features him alongside related artists such as Flume and the British Brilliance that is James Blake, is available through I Tunes and Soundcloud. His Sydney Boiler room set is watch-able through Boiler Room’s youtube channel and will not only make you love his music even more, but develop that into wanting to see him live, this video is definitely one to watch if you want to see what can only be described as a master at work, fluidly moving between instruments and mixers to create not only music, but vibes you can physically see and that’s a power very few musicians have.

It won’t be romantic love, well, maybe for some of you, but his music will give you that lovey dovey feeling you get when your pet shows you affection, the it’s nearly the weekend-Friday-Feeling, and if you get really into it, you will almost feel the warmth of that hot doughnut [Lets face it, no-one would resist that]

“I wish I played techno. But I don’t.”

Chet Faker- the bearded genius. 



Karen Marie ørsted, also known as Mø is a Danish electronic musician making a name for herself in the UK. Her most recent single featuring Diplo has reached number 11 in the Danish charts and is slowly making it’s way onto the UK’s electronic scene. Her songs are catchy yet unusual with just a smidgen of unplaceable familiarity, her vocals switch between smooth R&B tones to Grimes-esque high pitched wailing- but in a good way. In 2012 her first single ‘Pilgrim’ was released on vinyl, something unheard of with modern musicians, since then she has released other singles including Glass, Maiden, Waste of time and her most recent, XX88 featuring Diplo.

She’s not over the top, her videos are dressed down and simple, she doesn’t use gimmicks, she doesn’t flaunt her body or make a fool of herself. So how does she stand out?


She has perfected the art of what can only be described as ‘helicoptering’ her ponytail, in her most recent video we see her perfecting her move on top of a mountain and if that doesn’t make her stand out then i don’t know what will.

Hopefully her helicopter hair has taken her in the direction of a recording studio where she has been recording us an amazing album which will be released in time for Santa to lovingly place it under my tree at Christmas.

One to watch- Mø, singer, songwriter, super hard to pronounce.


How often is it that you get the chance to be a fan of an artist before they even have a page on Wikipedia? Well now’s the chance. 18 year old British singer Chloe Howl has been named one of Vevo’s DSCVR ‘ones to watch in 2014’. She released her first single, ‘No Strings’ in 2012 and since then has had 3 more singles as well as a fancy new video for No Strings. Originally the video featured her sitting in front of a yellow backdrop smashing up a big pink cake but the song was re-released in June 2012 with a new ‘official video’. Presumable it was to create a more grown up image for Chloe as it had more of a storyline and didn’t feature any cakes being smashed, however I personally prefer the original video, it shows a fun yet slightly sassy side of her, a combination that young female singers can never usually get right. Two of her other singles, Rumour and I wish I Could Tell you are both also in the same style as the original No Strings video however her most recent release, ‘Paper Heart’ has a full on music video with dance routines, extras and a storyline, the whole sha-bang.

Her songs are catchy and upbeat but her lyrics tell us about life as a teenage female from hookups to heartbreaks. ‘Rumour’ could be seen as a comment on the typical ‘bitchy’ stereotype surrounding girls with lines such as “see that girl she’s looking great she used to be quite overweight” and “apparently she’s on the dole, spends it all on alcohol, perhaps it’s just a rumour”, Chloe sings about a girl who is trying to work out her life but is constantly surrounded by rumours, something typical of an 18 year old girl. “have a bit too much to drink, say hello” and “don’t even know if I’m the right sex, you don’t even know if I’m the right sex do ya?” are some of the lines featured in ‘No Strings’, a song that tells us about the troubles of hooking up at a party, including sexuality, drunken mistakes and the most dangerous of all- falling in love with said hookup.

Chloe is a singer who’s lyrics are easily relatable, especially by someone of the same age and sex, but by everyone going through their teenage years and those who have already lived through them. Even though she sings about the troubles of teenage life, she’s a bubbly and happy teenage girl, she doesn’t put down other artists and she’s open to having a laugh at her own expense, often making jokes about her ginger hair.

Her EP, ‘No Strings’ is available to download for free on her website and she’s currently in the process of making her debut album, which is set to be released in early 2014. She’s definitely one to watch and judging by her songs so far, her album is one to look forward to.

Chloe Howl- Ginger hasn’t been as cool as this since the Weasleys.